Agile dev manager by day and open-source Java hacker by night, Stephen Chin is helping make the world a safer place for programmers.  His current projects are WidgetFX, a desktop widget framework written in JavaFX Script, JFXtras, a collection of utilities, add-ons, and samples for the JavaFX language, and Piccolo2D, a Zooming User Interface (ZUI) library for Java.  You can find him either roaming the team areas at Inovis looking for hard problems to solve, or neglecting his family at home by coding, blogging, and writing until the sun rises.


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5 01 2009
David (riepi)

Thank you for JFXtras and your answer @ users@openjfx.dev.java.net

Best regards

7 01 2009
Sunil Rao

Hi Steve,
I am in the process of building a portable application that needs to be run from a flash drive. It should work on both mac and win machines as well. (cell phones micro SD in the future)
I was initially thinking about writing this SWING / Derby and embed or package a jre on the devise. I am really excited about JavaFX, but I am not sure if JavaFX is the right tool for my problem.

Some of my questions are –
How do I package my JavaFX application? executable jar?
Do I need internet connection to run my application?

Can you share insights in to this please?


7 01 2009


I believe Sun has plans to both release JavaFX as part of the JRE download and also include an embeddable database at some point in the future, but I can’t tell you when…

You should probably ask this question on the JavaFX forums instead.


17 02 2009
Fernando Cassia

If you have ANY contacts @ Sun (and I’m sure you do 🙂 you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to push them to make the Nokia N810x internet tablets officially supported with Sun’s JavaSE and JavaFX…


I also really really really think they should bring Project Semplice back to life
Imagine being able to write VB code and get JavaFX bytecode!!


6 07 2009

Dear Steve,

The Product Reviews team at Sun has identified you as a leading, respected blogger in the JavaFX community. Because of your recognized expertise and influence, we would like to talk with you regarding your views of JavaFX 1.2.

This discussion will be two-part. First, we would like to engage in an e-mail Q&A interview to garner your perspective on what’s new and exciting with the latest JavaFX 1.2 release. Then, we will follow up with a scheduled 5-10 minute podcast in Sun News or similar Sun Radio channel to discuss select questions covered in the Q&A in addition to other aspects of JavaFX you would like to discuss. We will conduct and record the podcast over the phone.

Highlights from both discussions will be featured in the Reviews Interactive blog. The Reviews Interactive blog is one of Sun’s most popular blogs, and receives an average of 2,885 unique visitors per month. We will link to your blog from the posting and also give you the embed code for the podcast player, which you can in turn use on your own blog.

Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity and I will e-mail you a Q&A and schedule the podcast at your convenience. We are very excited to interact directly with key bloggers in the JavaFX community and hope to speak with you soon. You can contact me at maijaliisa.burkert(at)sun.com.

Kind regards,

Maijaliisa Burkert
Sun Product Reviews Team

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