2009 Devoxx Posts + NetBeans JavaFX Designer Preview

6 12 2009

The two talks I gave at Devoxx 2009 are now available on the Parleys.com website for online viewing.

I would recommend you start with the University Talk, which is the most in-depth tutorial on the JavaFX Language and Platform available today.  This talk also features a guest appearance by Tor Norbye who demonstrated the new NetBeans JavaFX Designer Tool (which is distinct from the Authoring Tool):

Netbeans JavaFX Designer Demo


The second is the JavaFX Enterprise Developer talk, which showcased many of the new JFXtras components that we are about to release in the 0.6 JFXtras release (a preview of which is available today).  It also goes into detail on JavaFX unit testing with FEST-JavaFX, which is a tool any enterprise developer should use regularly:

Pro JavaFX - Developing Enterprise Applications


Both talks are available now for a small fee to register, which is well worth it for all the great content at the conference.  There was a lot of preparation work that went into these talks, so I hope you enjoy them!




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6 12 2009
JavaFX links of the week, December 7 // FX Experience

[…] Chin has blogged about his Devoxx 2009 talks. He provides links to the videos on parleys.com, which is a paid site, although over time the […]

7 12 2009

i can’t view video from devoxx.parleys.com. It show first piece and require 49 euro from me. WTF? Publish video to youtube please.

7 12 2009
Jonathan Giles

As Steve notes “Both talks are available now for a small fee to register, which is well worth it for all the great content at the conference.”

If you don’t want to pay, then you’ll have to wait for the parleys people to release the videos freely. They release one or two videos for free every week apparently.

— Jonathan

8 12 2009

nice joke. I’m programmer. Adobe Flex takes me thousands employers but JavaFX want money from me instead.
“No wonder why adobe rules. ” – did you read this?

12 12 2009
William Antônio Siqueira


7 12 2009

I cant watch flash videos from my iphone so another vote for youtube 🙂

7 12 2009

This is retarded, you have to pay to watch. No wonder why adobe rules. Do you think anyone would pay to watch the PREVIEW of new tool.

8 12 2009

Like Jonathan stated, all the Devoxx talks will be made available for free on a rolling schedule starting in January. As an interesting aside, there are several Flash/Flex talks on Devoxx that are also restricted to paying members…

While I can’t control the schedule for Devoxx talks to be made freely available, we will be both streaming and posting all the Silicon Valley JavaFX User Group talks online for free starting this Wednesday. If you want to find out more about future JavaFX features, make sure to ask Richard to spill the beans during his talk. 🙂

8 12 2009
Steve G

The talks are really well worth it — a whole conference for a fraction of actual attendance fees not to mention travel and lodging costs.

Pay attention however, in that the fee is charged as a recurring one and you’ll have to log into Paypal and dig around a bit to get rid of it. The word is that Parleys (or Paypal?) is dropping this default recurring payment practice next year, wisely in my opinion.

As to the content of the conference — it rocks on many topical fronts not just JavaFX. As to JavaFX, it is _such_ a cool language.

As to JavaFX’s future, I see simply too many signs of ongoing development to be able to accept the naysayers’ predictions of its demise. I have always said that Sun could stand to communicate its strategy for JavaFX more openly, and perhaps that is what is happening with DEVOXX and now with the JavaFX User Group.

So … I’ll be there at the meeting in sunny California from frigid Montana .. virtually.

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