Announcing the JavaFX Twitter Group

7 11 2009

JavaFX has a very active Twitter community.  Some have even said that the best way to get help with your JavaFX app is to ask on Twitter first.  But how do you know who to follow?

To make it easy to hook in to the JavaFX Twitter community, I put together a JavaFX Twitter Group using the new group support.  To subscribe, simply follow @steveonjava/javafx:


The JavaFX Twitter Group Stream

So who will you find on this list?  Some big names in the JavaFX Community, including:

  • Richard Bair, Joshua Marinacci, and Jonathan Giles from the JavaFX team
  • JavaFX book authors such as Jim Weaver, Weiqi Gao, Dean Iverson, and Simon Morris
  • JavaFX evangelists such as Maijaliisa Burkert, and Anatoli Fomenko
  • JavaFX early adopters such as Peter Pilgrim, Sten Karl, Steven Herod, Carl Dea, William Antonio, Pär Dahlberg, Mark Macumber, Tom, Enrique Garcia, Eric Wendelin, Hideki Kobayashi, and many, many others

I tried my best to dig in a few levels deep on the twitter lists of folks I know are active in the JavaFX community so I would get pretty good coverage.  The basic criteria I used for selecting folks was percentage of tweets dedicated to JavaFX discussion.  Most of the folks on the list talk about JavaFX in 50% or more of their tweets, although there are a few notable exceptions (ahem..  Steven Herod).

Please follow the new JavaFX Twitter Group, and if you would like to be followed by the list, tweet me a direct message @steveonjava.




2 responses

7 11 2009
William Antônio Siqueira

It is an honor to be part of this group, Thanks!

7 11 2009

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