Meet the New Java Store

4 11 2009

The Java Store team at Sun has been busy at work on a new release of the Java Store, which is finally available in Beta.  The easiest way to get it is to go through the Java Warehouse to the developer preview link here:

(If you are on Windows 7 or Vista-64, you can still run the store with no problems…  Just make sure you have a 32-bit JRE installed)

The latest version of the Java Store sports a new look and feel that is a dramatic improvement over the early versions.  Some of the new user interface features include:

  • Integrated UI with Featured Apps, Top Downloads, and App Browsing all in one place
  • Free-form text search for finding new applications quickly
  • Improved navigation – New apps listed first, and navigation at all levels


Perhaps the biggest change is the ability for developers to charge for applications.  This is provided via integration with PayPal, and currently available for U.S. customers.  Full details on the payment system can be found in this press release.

Of course, the best applications are available for free…  Be sure to try launching WidgetFX from the Java Store and let me know how it works!


Congratulations to the JavaFX team on a very nice face lift for the Java Store!

I know that many of the Java Store development team members read this blog, including Joshua Marinacci, so feel free to use the comments section to give them constructive feedback.

(Did I mention Josh has an awesome new design blog?)




7 responses

4 11 2009
Osvaldo Doederlein

When I move to Windows 64bit soon I don’t plan to have any 32bit app installed unless there’s really no choice. We have 64bit browsers, 64bit JREs; what’s mising – the JavaFX runtime? This must be fixed.

BTW, IMHO Sun should activate compressed-oops by default for the Windows x64 JRE / HotSpot Client, at least when running applets and JAWS apps. The 6u18 update is a good opportunity to do that.

4 11 2009

shame it doesn’t run in the browser (jnlp applet?)

Would like to see an education category

Also would like to be able to add comments/reviews – the weather widget runs fine but I couldn’t get it to change location

4 11 2009
Herbert Mühlburger

Shame that it is not yet available in Europe. Would really like to try it out and to get on working with the Java Store.

When will it be available in Europe?

Kind regards,

4 11 2009

Looking forward that this will be opened to other countries!

So far I have to host myself

7 11 2009

yea… there are quite some ppl not in the us! …

8 11 2009

Yes, shame some one at Sun decided that no-one outside US could actually even SEE it until 2010!
I can understand problems with tax rules, VAT, etc. on sales and transactions but not allowing even browse visibility seems a little short sighted.

8 11 2009
Eric Wendelin

Ooooh lookin’ much better! Can’t wait to see it in action.

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