Auto-Completion on the Test Test Train

30 08 2009

The Sun training department just put out an update to their Tech Test Train application.  Even if you tried it before and were put off by bugs or the absurd level of difficulty, it is definitely worth another look!

Here are some of the improvements I noticed:

  • The questions now auto-complete after 3 letters.  This makes it much easier to type the answer within the time limit, and also helps make it possible to get the answer if you can come close.
  • The training team did a great job of updating the questions and answers on several of the more ambiguous questions that I submitted bug reports for.  If you notice anything else that seems incorrect, make sure to file a bug in JIRA!
  • The final answers are now do-able.  Previously it was virtually impossible to enter the correct answer for the final question, but I am now able to hit it successfully on several different tracks.

Kudos to Anatoli, Cindy, and the rest of the Sun training team on making some excellent updates that improve the playability and fun of the application!

So what is your score?  Here is the best I have gotten so far (for the GUI track):

Tech Test Train Winning Score

Tech Test Train Winning Score

Respond in the comments section with your best track and score!




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30 08 2009
Java desktop links of the week, August 31 | Jonathan Giles

[…] have had their Tech Test Train application available for people to learn JavaFX with. A new release has just been put out, so if you’re wanting to learn JavaFX, this is (apparently) a good way to do it. […]

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