WidgetFX Contest Heating Up!

18 08 2009

With only 12 days left in the WidgetFX contest, there are a bunch of new entrants.  You can see them all on the Widget Library page:

This includes Till Balendat’s TwitterFX Widget:

Takaaki Nakamura’s Bookmark and ColorPalet Widgets:


Henry Zhang’s Pac-Man Widget:

And also 4! widgets submitted by Larry Dickson:



Just as a reminder, here are the judging criteria:

  • Effective use of WidgetFX features and APIs.
  • Practical utility of the widget as a pervasive prescence on the user’s desktop.
  • Broad use of JavaFX libraries and APIs.
  • Technical difficulty of implementation.
  • Community features of the widget that tie in with social networking or online services.
  • Originality of the submitted widget.
  • Quality of widget functionality and dock integration.

(Also found on the contest details page: http://widgetfx.org/portal/contest)

Good luck with the contest, and thanks for supporting WidgetFX!




7 responses

19 08 2009
Eric Wendelin

Hmmm… I’m tempted to try and crank out a cool widget in the next 11 days…

19 08 2009

Please do!

21 08 2009

The guys are doing a great job creating these widgets! But guys, the design at Sun has always sucked. So my suggestion – involve designers to your work!

21 08 2009

That is a great idea. If you happen to be a designer (or know any willing candidates), it would be great to pair them up with a developer who could implement their designs as a widget.

21 08 2009

i’m designer. What you need to improve?

21 08 2009


I can’t upload my widget to your site. I forgot password. I uploaded my widget to

23 08 2009
Java desktop links of the week, August 24 | Jonathan Giles

[…] Chin has blogged that the WidgetFX context is heating up. If you are wanting to enter, you better hurry as the competition is closing soon. First prize is a […]

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