2009 JavaOne Rock Stars Announced!

26 07 2009
Sun finally announced the Rock Stars for JavaOne 2009.
Duke Rocking Out

Duke Rocking Out

Joshua Marinacci and I received the Rock Star award for our “Getting Started with WidgetFX” session.  If you haven’t already, check out my post-session blog with pictures and the full presentation.  Thanks everyone who came to the session and made it a success!

This was a huge year for Java client technologies.  Congratulations to all the JavaFX and Java Desktop winners this year:

  • Hinkmond Wong – After presenting at 10! JavaOne conferences he has finally joined the JavaOne Rockstar ranks.  Find out more about converting Midlets to JavaFX Mobile in his presentation.  Congratulations!
  • Kirill Grouchnikov – The stalwart desktop champion, Kirill, proved that Swing still has some kick!  He unveiled a full-featured ribbon component for Swing that gives Office 2007 a run for its money.
  • Deane Richan – Deane showed that Swing apps don’t have to look like “Something my Cat Coughed Up” with a visually inspiring Gradebook application design.  Learn his design and architecture secrets in the presentation.
  • Chet Haase & Romain Guy – Chet and Romain had the guts to talk about animation for 45 minutes and it paid off with a great presentation!  Learn animation principles from the masters that apply to any platform you are working in whether it is Swing or JavaFX in their presentation.
  • Jasper Potts & Rich Bair – Last, but not least, Jasper and Rich should have been given their own advanced JavaFX track at the conference.  They presented in multiple sessions, revealing all the secrets of the JavaFX 1.2 release.  Find out more about Graphics, Animation, and CSS in this presentation.

Also, congratulations to all the JavaOne Rockstars!  You are the guys who will keep the Java platform running successfully into the next decade!




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26 07 2009
Java desktop links of the week, July 27 | Jonathan Giles

[…] Chin also posts a summary of this years Java client JavaOne Rockstars. Congratulations to all of […]

27 07 2009
Henry Zhang

Steve, congrats!

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