JFXtras Community Site Launched!

21 07 2009


I am proud to announce the official launch of the JFXtras Community Site.  This site is a resource for the entire JavaFX community, and open for participation by all.

Just like the JFXtras open-source library has been helping improve the JavaFX Platform, this site is focused on helping to expand and grow the JavaFX Community.  Some things you can do on the site today include:

Explore –


The JFXtras Samples section is the largest JavaFX example repository outside of Sun, and is specifically focused on teaching JavaFX concepts from beginner to advanced.  Some of the featured samples include:

  • Amy Fowler’s Boundisizer – Learn how to transform and manipulate nodes like a champ from Amy Fowler, the acclaimed layout expert on the JavaFX team.
  • Music Explorer FX – You may not have won the 25 thousand dollar prize, but you can learn from the expert.  Sten Anderson has posted his winning entry, and promised to share the full source code shortly (no pressure, Sten!)
  • Particle-O-Rama – Josh Marinacci, JavaFX evangelist and Rockstar1, creates another visual extravaganza with his super-customizable particle demo.
  • Generating Graphs from Hudson – Mark Macumber posted a great mash-up of the JavaFX 1.2 Charting support to display Hudson build status.

The site is completely self-service, and provides free hosting of open-source JavaFX samples, so create an account and start contributing your own samples to grow the community!

1. Yes, it is official, Joshua Marinacci and I are JavaOne Rockstars!  Josh and I received the JavaOne Rockstar award for having a top ranked JavaOne session this year (thanks to everyone who attended our WidgetFX Session!)

Learn –

Through a collaborative effort from all the JavaFX book authors, we will be able to bring you the full set of samples from all 5 of the JavaFX books.  All the source code will be made available under a commercial-friendly open-source license, and the samples will be easily browseable online categorized by topic.

cover-100 JavaFXRIA-cover-100EssentialJavafx-cover-100 JavaFXInAction-cover-100JavaFXDevGuide-cover-100

What is on your bookshelf?

This includes all of the samples from Pro JavaFX Platform, which is finally out in print! — The full realization that I was an author didn’t come until this morning when my copies arrived… for a brief moment the gaping hole in my life for the past six months seemed (almost) worth it.

The Sun JavaFX and Essential JavaFX books have been out since JavaOne and are great references to get started coding in JavaFX.  These samples should be available within the next couple weeks.

Finally, the JavaFX in Action and JavaFX Developer’s Guide books are both due out later this year, and will post samples as soon as it makes sense to.

Research –


There is also a new section called JFXtras Links brought to you by Jonathan Giles, famous for his weekly desktop links of the week feature on his blog.  The plan is to aggregate and categorize all the best JavaFX links and resources in a single place.

This section is still in its infancy, so please give us feedback and contribute links that you find valuable.

About the Site –

The JFXtras Community Site is built on the principles of collaboration and agility, and is backed by technologies that make this possible.  Everything is 100% Java from the application server (Tomcat) to the portal engine (Liferay).  Also, wherever possible customization and design was done via the online portal user interface so that future changes to the site (both minor and major) can be done by the community.

Most importantly, the JFXtras Community Site will be what you make of it.  Just like everything else we do on the JFXtras project, we are open to new ideas and ways of doing things.  If you have a great idea for how to improve one of the existing sections, or something else we should add to the site, let us know, or better yet, help us make it happen!




7 responses

21 07 2009
Brian T. Grant


I’ve been hoping to start picking up some JavaFX and JFXtras sounds great! I’ve tried logging in with OpenID and I’m getting an error; I’m using the claimID service. Let me know if you’d like me to send you the contents of the error message.

– Brian

21 07 2009


I validated that openid is in fact not working correctly (and very easy to reproduce). This appears to be an issue with Liferay 5.2.2, because it worked correctly when I tried it on Liferay 5.2.3.

I need to do an upgrade to the latest version of Liferay anyway, so I will prioritize this to be completed in one of the evening maintenance periods this week.

21 07 2009
Brian T. Grant

Thanks, Stephen!

I’ll try setting up an account later in the week or early next week.

– Brian

9 08 2009
Brian T. Grant


I finally got around to setting up an account w/OpenID. When I paste the URL for my OpenID account in the OpenID field and hit the “Sign In” button, I land at a fresh Email/Password login page.

If it’s working now, I can’t figure out how to work it correctly 🙂 I certainly don’t want to belabor the OpenID thing. I just wanted you to know that it looks like it may not yet be working correctly. Maybe I just don’t get it 😉

– Brian

24 07 2009
William Antônio Siqueira


I am an JavaFX enthusiastic in Brazil.

I announced the site JFXtras in one of the biggest Java community in Brazil.

Published some tutorials on JavaFX in that site, I intend to demonstrate JFXtras soon!

Thanks for all efforts!

Best Regards!

24 07 2009
William Antônio Siqueira
26 07 2009
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