Nabaztag Visits the Oakland Java SIG

17 07 2009

I had the pleasure of presenting on WidgetFX and JFXtras last night for the Oakland Java SIG.  It was a small, but very engaged audience, and Chris Richardson was a great host!

As usual, Nabaztag was a huge hit.  He got a little upgrade to WidgetFX 1.2 and is now available to try on the WidgetFX Library site:

Nabaztag Widget

Nabaztag Widget Speaks!

Note: Make sure you enter the serial number and token of your rabbit in the config dialog of the widget or it will not work.

All the other samples including the MediaExplorer, DrawJFXtras, Spheres Demo, and JFXtras Shelf are available on the new JFXtras Community Site (more on this in a few days):

Shelf Demo on JFXtras Community Site

Shelf Demo on the JFXtras Community Site

There was a lot of new content on JFXtras that I put together just for this event, so I have posted the presentation in two parts as PDF documents here:

Part A (JFXtras): SuperchargingWithJFXtras

Part B (WidgetFX): SuperchargingWithWidgetFX

I hope you enjoy the demos and slides!




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18 07 2009
Java desktop links of the week, July 19 | Jonathan Giles

[…] Finally from Stephen (for now), he presented about WidgetFX and JFXtras at the Oakland Java SIG. You can download the PDF’s from his blog. […]

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