WidgetFX Session Sold Out!

30 04 2009

5/2 Update: Seats now available…  Sign-up now!

The JavaOne schedule builder just opened a few days ago, and the WidgetFX session has already filled up to capacity!

Here is a screenshot of what you will get if you try to sign up today:

WidgetFX Session Full!

WidgetFX Session Full!

So what if you wanted to attend, but haven’t signed up yet?  The JavaOne conference team is usually pretty good about reallocating rooms to make space for additional attendees, and if you click the yellow plus sign you will get an e-mail notification when additional space is available.

Fun Fact: The WidgetFX session was the earliest submitted session that was accepted by the review committee (check for yourself, there are no session numbers below TS-3789).

Also, you could always sign up for my other session with Jim Weaver on RIA Enterprise Application Development with JavaFX (TS-4861).  Only 191 seats left, so sign up ASAP.

I hope to see you at JavaOne!




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