Speaking at JavaOne

2 04 2009

I just got word back yesterday that the WidgetFX session for JavaOne was approved!  Josh Marinacci and I will be hosting the definitive session on desktop widgets for all you JavaFX fans.

WidgetFX JavaOne Session

WidgetFX JavaOne Session, sign up today!

The session is entitled “Getting Started with WidgetFX: Open-Source Widget Desktop Platform with JavaFXTM Technology”, and will cover how to:

  • Convert a JavaFX application to a desktop widget
  • Package your widget so it will install and execute with one click
  • Reuse existing JavaFX and Java technology-based APIs in your widget
  • Develop signed widgets with access to system resources
  • Communicate with enterprise Web services from the desktop, using JavaFX technology
  • Hook into existing APIs to do cool things such as interact with hardware, use 3-D, and embed Flash
  • Build widgets that can also be deployed on mobile devices

If you haven’t already signed up for JavaOne and are a JUG member, make sure to take advantage of the $100 discount mentioned on Van Riper’s blog.

See you at JavaOne!




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