JFXtras 0.3 Release

17 02 2009

The JFXtras 0.3 release is out with full support for JavaFX 1.1, as well as JavaFX MigLayout support.  You can download the latest bits here:


Since JavaFX 1.1 is not binary compatible with the 1.0 JavaFX release, if you are doing any development with JavaFX 1.1 you will need to upgrade to the newly released version 0.3 of JFXtras.  Similarly, if you want to do any development on legacy JavaFX 1.0 applications, you will need to stick with JFXtras 0.2 or earlier.

The major feature in this release is the inclusion of a MigLayout wrapper that gives you all the power of MigLayout from within a native JavaFX syntax (a big thanks to Dean Iverson for making this happen).  Here is an example of Mig Docking in action:

MigLayout Docking Test

MigLayout Docking Test

The intent is to keep both the JFXtras Grid and MigLayout as fully supported options for JavaFX layout.  The choice is yours which one to use!

Some other changes that went into this release as well include:

  • Modified permissions in JFXWorker, JFXException, and JFXDialog from public-init to public-init protected
  • Fixed alwaysOnTop support and added an icon workaround to JFXDialog
  • Deprecated CacheSafeGroup now that the underlying bug has been fixed

This release made it in roughly 5 days total, but only 2 business days after the JavaFX 1.1 Release.  Special thanks to Keith Combs for packaging up the release!  🙂




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