JFXtras 0.2 Release – Shapes, Shapes, and More!

23 01 2009

I am pleased to announce the JFXtras 0.2 Release!  This release features a new custom shape library that came out of a joint effort with the jSilhouette Project.  Thanks to Andres Almiray and Dean Iverson for making this happen in time for the release!

You can download the 0.2 Release directly from the Google Code project site under Feature Downloads:  http://code.google.com/p/jfxtras/

The following screenshot gives you a taste of what the new shape library is capable of:

JFXtras Shapes Demo

JFXtras Shapes Demo

In addition to this, there were lots of enhancements to the existing components, including the following changes:

JFXtras Grid Enhancements:

  • Fixed triggering of updates in the Grid when a child min/max/pref size changes
  • Added in cell defaults for nested Grids
  • Fixes a defect with where packed dialogs could not be repositioned
  • Fixes a defect with dialog modality when packed is set to false
  • Improved the succinctness of expressing Grid layouts with a new syntax (backwards compatible with the 0.1 syntax):
    • new row function that allows more concise expression of row contents
    • modified cell constraint names to be shorter (old names are still supported, but deprecated)
    • added in a helper class (GridConstraints) with a set of disambiguated static imports that can be used to more succinctly express constraints

    JFXtras Test Improvements:

    • Added additional test expectations:
      • is (decorator)
      • isNot
    • Fixed null handling of test expectation methods
    • Changed nested test behavior to setup and teardown per subtest
    • Shorted “assumeThat” to “that” for test fluency

    Enjoy the new release, and please join the mailing list to give us feedback or request new features!




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    25 01 2009
    Swing links of the week, January 26th | Jonathan Giles

    […] Announced this week is that jSilhouette has joined the JFXtras project. The JFXtras project is an open effort to fill in the gaps in the current JavaFX library, whereas jSilhouette provides a collection of Java2D shapes that can be used in several modes, and now that it is part of JFXtras, these shapes can also be used in JavaFX. To allow for this immediately, both projects announced new releases. […]

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